Why can’t I fast travel in Starfield? Answered


You will be doing plenty of fast travel instances while playing Starfield. Whether it is to get to your ship quickly or teleport yourself to a different planet entirely, fast travel will be your best friend. However, it is not a function that will always be available to you. Here are some possible reasons why you can’t fast travel in Starfield.

Why won’t Starfield let me fast travel?

If you are having trouble getting Starfield to let you fast travel, a few things can prevent it. First, if there are attacking enemies near you, you will need to either defeat them all or get far enough away from them for the game to give you the okay to fast travel. If you are taking damage in general or maybe are in midair when you went into the menu, you cannot fast travel.

When you are over-encumbered, you also cannot fast travel in Starfield. In this case, either drop some inventory items that are weighing you down or ask a companion to carry them.

Some quests and locations also just flat out do not allow for fast travel. Most indoor sections you have loaded into will require you to go outside before you can use fast travel again.

If you are in your ship trying to use Grav Jump, be sure you are allocating power to the Grav portion on your power meter. If you don’t have extra power lying around, you will need to take it from another source. If your ship doesn’t have enough fuel to make a jump, it will also prevent you from moving.

Outside of the normal situations mentioned above, a bug may also prevent you from using fast travel. Some people have reported running into this bug when changing home ships. If this happens, try switching back to the ship you had previously and then go ahead and change your home ship back to the new one you want. This should re-enable fast travel for you. If not, switch back to the original one, fast travel somewhere, and return to switch home ships.

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