Who Is the Mysterious Captain in Starfield?


Starfield has a vast open world with many systems and planets. Each can contain unique flora, fauna, and even cities, so traveling through them is not boring. The same applies to space, which at first glance may seem empty. But once you fly from system to system, you will encounter various ships, most of which, of course, will want to kill you. However, instead of shooting at you, one ship will call out and offer to talk. So, read on to learn who the Mysterious Captain is in Starfield and what she wants.

How To Find the Mysterious Captain in Starfield?

How To Find the Mysterious Captain in Starfield?

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The World in Starfield can seem like a dangerous place at first, especially during your first encounters with serious enemies. But as you progress, you can become stronger, thanks in part to Starborn Powers. However, some individuals will remain a mystery to you even after you beat the game. One of these characters is the Mysterious Captain, whom you will randomly meet when visiting new systems in Starfield.

The Mysterious Captain will immediately attract your attention by hailing you instead of attacking you, which is quite rare in Starfield. But this is the least strange thing about this Captain since she seems to be watching you from the side and knows where your search for Artifacts is leading. After a short conversation, the Mysterious Captain tells you to be careful and disappears. You will no longer be able to meet her, at least in this version of the universe. But by starting New Game Plus, you will have more chances to encounter her.

Best Trader in Starfield

In New Game Plus, you will find yourself in a new version of the universe by becoming Starborn. And although everyone else won’t remember you, you can still meet someone who knows you. As you visit new systems, you will meet the Mysterious Captain again in Starfield. Now, she will be more open to you and admit that she is also a Starborn. But she has long been tired of searching for artifacts and universe-hopping. Therefore, Mysterious Captain runs a store only for other Starborn individuals, including you.

In it, you will find unique items that you cannot get anywhere else. But since Mysterious Captain changes her stock randomly, you should buy whatever you like immediately. And even though you will now encounter her more than once per playthrough, it still won’t happen often. Therefore, if you want to purchase high-level gear, you should travel from system to system.

That’s all you need to know about who the Mysterious Captain is in Starfield. This character doesn’t play a crucial role in your first playthrough, but during New Game Plus, she becomes the best trader in the game. And while you are here, take a look at our guide on how to complete the Sabotage Mission.


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Starfield is available on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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