Where To Find Your Parents Location in Starfield (Kid Stuff Trait)


Choose the Kid Stuff Trait for your Starfield character, and you can meet your in-game parents during your playthrough. This character background is perfect for roleplaying but could be tough for your space wallet since you have to give them 2% of your Credits every single week. But aside from that, your parents can give you several Unique armor and weapons that will be helpful to kickstart your adventure! Here’s how you can find your parents’ location and grab those rare items with the Kid Stuff Trait in Starfield.

Starfield Kid Stuff Trait Bonus: Your Parents’ Home Location

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If you picked up Kid Stuff Trait in character creation, you can meet your parents in the Pioneer Tower in New Atlantis on planet Jemison. The building is located in the Residential District. It is the tall one that has a gold accent and huge Pioneer Tower letters on the main entrance, you can’t miss it. You will also receive the notification to meet your parents once you reach The Lodge for the first time.

Use the building’s elevator to reach the Family Apartments. This is the location where your parents are currently living in the world of Starfield. Now, how can you get the Unique items mentioned above? In total, there are five items you can acquire from your parents:

  • Gran-Gran’s Space Helmet
  • Gran-Gran Spacesuit
  • High School Backpack
  • Sir Livingstone’s Pistol
  • Grandpa’s Meatloaf Recipe

First, speak to Dad and Mom, and make sure they know you have joined the Constellation. That way, you will receive the Unique Gran-Gran’s Space Helmet and Spacesuit. Afterward, head inside your old bedroom to find the Unique High School Backpack Pack. Afterward, complete the “One Small Step” Main Mission and speak with your father at The Lodge. Doing this will reward you with the Unique Sir Livingstone’s Pistol. If you’ve completed the Starfield Mission before going to your parents’ location, wait for a few in-game days and talk with Dad about the weapon.

For the last item, you will want to speak with Dad until he finally rambles about Grandpa’s famous recipe. You won’t actually receive any notes about the recipe but it will be instantly unlocked once the conversation is over. The ingredients for Grandpa’s Meatloaf are Egg, Dairy, Egg, Onion, Red Meat, and Tomato. The Food Item will restore 25 Health and give you 125 Damage Resistance for 10 minutes and a 2% bonus XP gain for two hours.

Interestingly, you can remove the Kid Stuff Trait from your character — by kicking your Starfield parents out of the Family Apartments location, basically. Simply talk to your Dad and pick the “Remove Kid Stuff trait” option. Sure, you won’t have to send out weekly Credits stipends anymore, but you will never see them again either. Choose wisely!


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Starfield is now available for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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