Where To Find Hopetown in Starfield


As you progress through Starfield, you can visit dozens of unique locations in different systems. But exploring dozens of them doesn’t mean you can not travel to another one. As territory controlled by the Freestar Rangers faction, Hopetown can become your enemy or a valuable trading partner. However, we are inclined to insist on the second. After all, if you are looking for bulky but spacious modules for your ship, you won’t find a better place than HopeTech. Plus, there is a cool bar here. So, we are here to help you and tell you where to find Hopetown in Starfield.

Starfield: Hopetown Location

Where To Find Hopetown in Starfield

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To find Hopetown in Starfield, you must go to the Polvo planet in the Valo System. This system is a close neighbor to the Narion System, so fly northeast from Alpha Centauri and Sol Systems, and you will soon reach the desired point in space. Having opened the space map of Polvo planet, scan it to select Hopetown as a landing point. It means that the city is available at any stage of your progress through the game, and you do not have to unlock it as part of the story or side quests.

On the other hand, Hopetown is a territory controlled by the Freestar Rangers, and you will have to visit it as part of the quest line of this faction. Please note that your relationship with this faction is essential for visiting this location. However, if you have somehow damaged your reputation with Freestar Rangers, we advise you to try to fix it. After all, enmity with this faction could complicate your trade with one of the most important suppliers of ship parts.

One of the most important reasons to visit Hopetown is HopeTech, one of the best manufacturers of spaceships and parts for them. Thus, you can visit local shipyards to buy unique ships like the Silent Runner or many helpful ship modules. Of course, HopeTech modules are slightly inferior in quality and aesthetics to Deimos Staryard parts. But if you love comfort and space inside the ship, HopeTech is what you need.

Finally, it is worth adding that fans of delicious drinks and food can visit Pit Stop to try the local menu. Meanwhile, Skill Magazine collectors can find several collectibles at the Freestar Rangers headquarters.


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Starfield is available on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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