Valorant Patch 7.05 Is Designed to Help Stop Rank Boosting


Riot Games is clamping down on what it describes as “a wave of competitive rank boosting with bots and real players” in Valorant’s competitive queue. The publisher has today revealed its list of notes for Patch 7.05, and changes to the minimum rank that Ascendant players can queue with is a notable highlight. Elsewhere, there’s an important tweak to Astra that allows her to hear what is going on around her whilst in astral form, and Sunset has now joined the competitive map rotation. Let’s break down the full Valorant Patch 7.05 notes.

All Valorant Patch 7.05 Notes

Valorant Patch 7.05 notes reveal changes coming

Image source: Riot Games

Competitive Update

  • There has been a wave of competitive rank boosting with bots and real players. In an effort to protect against this abuse, we have introduced restrictions where Ascendant players and higher can only invite players with Platinum rank and higher to their competitive party. 
  • We will continue to actively monitor botting abuse and ban any accounts suspicious of this behavior.
  • For more information on our Gameplay Systems and our approach to combating disruptive behavior, check out our recent VALORANT Systems Health Series.

Agent Updates


Going in and out of Astral form is a complex mechanical task that leaves Astra vulnerable to attackers by denying her information about her surroundings. The change we’ve made to her Astral Form (X) gives Astra back some agency and information, allowing you to react to enemy footsteps and utility you may have missed while in Astral Form.

  • Astral Form (X)
    • Astra will now be able to hear everything happening around her physical body while in Astral form.

Map Updates


  • Sunset will now be in the map rotation for Competitive mode. 
  • Competitive map rotation includes: Sunset, Breeze, Ascent, Haven, Bind, Split, and Lotus

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug where the SFX volume would default back to 100% volume when Alt-Tab-ing out of game.


  • Fixed a bug where there was a small audio deadzone in Astra’s Cosmic Divide (X).
  • Fixed a bug where Deadlock’s Sonic Sensor (Q) would trigger when Gekko’s Wingman (Q) walks near it.
  • Fixed a bug where other Agents were not animating when they moved through Omen’s Dark Cover (E) ability.
  • Fixed a bug where Cypher’s Trapwire (C) would sometimes fail to activate when placed on stairs.

Player Behavior

  • Fixed an issue where people who were chat restricted by Real-Time Interventions were also disconnected from the text chat instead of just muted from text chat.
  • Fixed an issue where there was no warning message when you had a conflicting keybind for team or party voice chat.
  • Fixed an issue where switching between Unrated and Competitive queues would cause the restriction timer for the queue delay to replace the ranked restriction timer.
  • Fixed an issue where creating an Agent Profile reverted Push-to-Talk keybinds back to their defaults.

Today’s Valorant Patch 7.05 follows on from 7.04, which first introduced us to the new map Sunset and marked the start of a new Episode of content for the game.

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