Top 6 Best Powers in Starfield


By exploring space and looking for artifacts, you can also pick up unique powers that will be very useful for your playthrough. In total, the game has 24 powers that will help you both in battle and in defense, as well as to complete certain tasks or collect resources. And next, you will learn about the 6 best powers in Starfield. Some players don’t even understand how useful the powers they have can be. To make sure that you are not on that list, we will describe the best powers to use.

Starfield: 6 Best Powers

Obviously, you can’t get all the powers in Starfield at once, since you will gradually gain them after finding artifacts and visiting temples. So, if you have only a few powers, check if they match the ones in our guide to make sure you can use them to their maximum benefit.

6. Eternal Harvest

Starfield: Eternal Harvest

Image Source: Bethesda via The Nerd Stash

Many players spend a lot of time looking for the necessary resources that they can get from plants. Sealant, Nutrient, Fiber, and more, will be indispensable for many important crafts and upgrades. Thanks to Eternal Harvest, you can greatly facilitate the search, and even forget about it altogether because this power allows you to regrow the surrounding flora. Thus, all the necessary trees, plants, and bushes will instantly grow again so that you can harvest. This power costs only 25, which means that you can use it quite often to achieve your goals and collect resources.

5. Elemental Pull

Starfield: Elemental Pull

Image Source: Bethesda via The Nerd Stash

This power is very similar to the previous one, but with it, you can get resources such as elements instead of plants. Of course, this power will not grow them, but instead, it will attract all possible elements around you like a magnet. This way, you significantly shorten your search and don’t have to worry about running out of material. Forget about the cutter altogether because the cost to use it is 25. We recommend using this power on the planets with the most diverse resources. Yes, it may take some time, but the result is worth it.

4. Reactive Shield

Starfield: Reactive Shield

Image Source: Bethesda via The Nerd Stash

Using this power, you envelop yourself in a metastable shell of antimatter. This way, you protect yourself from any damage and have enough time to recharge or recover your health while in combat. In addition, thanks to the shield’s unique features, it reflects bullets aimed at you back to the enemy. This way, you can protect yourself and resist a group of enemies who have gotten too close. Just use the power, which costs only 35, and enjoy watching your opponents die trying to kill you.

3. Precognition

Starfield: Precognition

Image Source: Bethesda via The Nerd Stash

Regardless of how good a negotiator you are, sometimes situations happen in which things don’t go according to plan. But Precognition is your plan B for every situation. Simply use the power to find out how the dialog will go if you choose a certain option, or how your companions will react to the decisions you want to make. In addition, if you’re a fan of stealth mode, you can look into the future to find out where danger is waiting for you and avoid it. Many players don’t fully understand the mechanics of this power, so it’s not as popular as the others. If you would like to use it, it will cost you 35.

2. Supernova


Image Source: Bethesda via The Nerd Stash

Compared to other powers, this one costs much more Power at 45, which is quite a lot but is worth it. Supernova will be indispensable in any battle because using it, you literally create a super-powerful explosion that deals incredible damage to everyone around you. No other weapon in the game can match this power because, when used, you destroy almost everything. Of course, there will be enemies in the game who are not afraid of such an explosion, but you can still knock down their shields and wound them enough to finish them off later. It probably goes without saying that it’s best to use it when you’re surrounded by enemies to effectively counterattack or clear a path for escape.

1. Phased Time

Phased Time

Image Source: Bethesda via The Nerd Stash

You may have seen this mechanic in other games, but Starfield developers have done a particularly good job of recreating it. Using Phased Time, you essentially turn into The Flash, who sees the whole world in slow motion due to their high speed. Thus, no matter how difficult a battle you are in, by using this power for only 35 cost, you can end the fight in a few seconds. Everything around you slows down, opening up many opportunities for you. You can shoot all the enemies, or simply escape by disorienting them with your disappearance. Once you use this power, your gameplay experience will change, and you won’t want to stop using it at every opportunity.

Now you know everything about the best powers in Starfield and should pick the best one for your build without any issues.


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Starfield is available now on Xbox Series S|X and PC.

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