Tom Gets Hit With Drink At Vanderpump Rules Season Finale


Tom gets hit with a drink at Vanderpump Rules season finale event. To say Tom Sandoval took the bad guy heel turn this season is putting it mildly. A lot of that has to do with his affair with co-star  Raquel Leviss. A move that left a bad taste in every fan of the show’s mouth. Imagine how the internet reacted when they found out Tom seemingly had a drink thrown at him during the finale event. The world was celebrating for a quick moment.

We regret to inform you that he was not the intended victim of said throw, though. His getting hit was just a nice bonus for those of us who hate him. So, who was the intended target, and what exactly transpired? We have the skinny for you.

Tom Gets Hit With Drink At Vanderpump Rules Season Finale Event

So this is how it went down. Tom was sitting there when a glass of wine came flying his way. Being the angry child that he is he jumped up at went after the person who threw it. Keep in mind, the person who threw it wasn’t a Vanderpump Rules star. Also, keep in mind, Tom picked up a chair to use as a weapon. It came out minutes later that the person was targeting security for some unknown reason.

Tom gets hit with drink at Vanderpump Rules season finale event and we all laugh. Anyone who watched season 11 are not remotely surprised by this act. To be honest, we were shocked he wasn’t hit with something harder. Dude has had quite an infamous season. It seems like the right way to end it all with a bang. Or in this case, a splash. Sadly, the drink wasn’t even intended for him. Now that’s irony. But at least we all shared in the joy that Tom got beaned for a brief moment.

They can never take that away from us.

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