This Mod Overhauls Starfield Combat’s Worst Feature


If people have a gripe with a game, typically they’ll either create or download a mod to fix it. In the case of Starfield, there is a myriad of issues, but amongst the most frustrating is the weak enemy AI, which makes combat a real bore. Thankfully, there’s one creator over on NexusMods who has the answer: a full overhaul that finally makes the game’s combat feel as challenging and engaging as it should be.

Starfield Combat Overhauled Thanks to a Mod that Upgrades This Feature


Modder NickMillion has overhauled the AI in Starfield with this combat mod that puts an end to the poor strategies of enemies in the game. Before they would often run at you for an easy target; in some cases, they might not even attack at all! This new mod makes improvements to both companions and enemies as related to their combat strategies and general reactions. When fighting, enemies think to go for cover quicker to protect themselves. As you often deal with multiple enemies, they will work together. Group strategies include surrounding and overwhelming you. Their vision is better, so they will see you from further away to engage and have better accuracy when shooting.

Currently, the AI is inconsistent in taking cover versus rushing you. The Starfield combat mod makes it so the enemies think that one strategy is riskier than another. Generally, you can use any weapon to handle situations. You will need to rethink the enemy’s strategies. If you are too much of a threat, they may stay back to throw grenades. Explosives are already used, but with the mod, grenades are significantly increased.

Stealth has been a staple for a Bethesda RPG, but the Starfield combat mod adds features not seen in Elder Scrolls or Fallout. NickMillion adds object permanence for the AI, so hostiles can hunt you down or at least be at the ready when you are known in the area. If a body is discovered, enemies will communicate to inform everyone in the area. You can hide for about a minute for the dust to settle, but you will need to be cautious. As you can be flushed out rather than being unfairly caught, you will need to rely more on equipment, perks, and skills to stay quiet.

Health and damage dealt or taken can have a great effect on a game’s combat. Damage done and taken is increased while reducing the health bonus from levels to both you and NPCs. Due to the technical complexities of developing the mod, it also applies to dogfighting as space and ground damage can’t be “easily split.”

As of writing, the mod is at version 1.4 with the latest improvements and features.

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