Steam Goes Back to Its Roots For Its 20th Anniversary


Steam officially launched on September 12, 2003, meaning that today marks its 20th anniversary. Valve has done its part to make sure that this news doesn’t slip under the radar for fans. Massive sales, new features, and a sweet call-back to the platform’s early days are just a few of the celebratory changes you can expect to see. The official name of the event is The Steam 20th Anniversary Celebration.

Features of Steam’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

Steam sale timeline

Image Source: Valve via The Nerd Stash

The first thing players will notice upon logging in to Steam during its anniversary is the ‘new’ green background. This is a nod to the days when Steam was primarily a Half-Life launcher, and army green was the platform’s dominant color palette. It’s nostalgic, but not many argue that the color isn’t a bit of an eyesore.

Furthermore, all official Valve titles are on sale during the Steam anniversary – and not just with a small discount. Virtually every one of the company’s titles can be picked up for 99 cents or below. The only exception is Half-Life: Alyx, which still benefits from a 66% discount! If your Steam library isn’t already flooded with games, you don’t have time for, be sure to pick up Valve’s entire catalog for a few bucks. Or, if Valve games aren’t really your thing, check out their other discounted titles. Some notable sales include the Dead Space Remake for $35.99 and the critically acclaimed Elite Dangerous for a measly seven bucks.

However, perhaps the most fun part of Steam’s anniversary celebration is the interactive timeline. Beginning with Steam’s inception in 2003, the timeline highlights the company’s most important moments in Valve’s history up until 2023. It is a real love letter to fans, so be sure not to miss out on it.


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The Steam anniversary celebration began on September 12th and lasts until September 19th.

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