Starfield: Should You Give the Evidence to Zoe or Louisa?


With several quests and sidequests alongside the vast exploration aspect, Starfield is a game that can leave players glued to their seats for hours. As an RPG, sometimes merely completing a quest isn’t enough. You may find yourself in a position where you must make a seemingly important decision that may or may not have consequences. Once you near the end of Starfield’s “Alternating Currents” sidequest, you must decide who gets vital evidence: Zoe or Louisa. We’ll discuss both routes so you know what to expect when you get to that point.

Starfield Evidence – Should Louisa or Zoe Have It?

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Where does the evidence decision between Zoe and Louisa come into play in Starfield? Well, it concerns “Alternating Currents,” an early Starfield side quest you only get if you overhear a conversation between NPCs in New Atlantis. The topic is the power problems in the city. When you overhear it, the side quest automatically unlocks. Placing it as an active mission will guide you through everything you must do.

You don’t have the choice to give evidence to Louisa or Zoe until the end of this Starfield sidequest. Beforehand, you’ll meet Louisa Reyez first, as she’s your guide throughout the mission. Zoe Kaminski comes up later once you visit the Trade Authority. After you meet both women, it’s obvious that they have different ideals about what’s going on and how to handle it.

By the end, you’ll download evidence from the system the hacker messed around in. Louisa wants the evidence to show to her bosses in Starfield, while Zoe wants to deal with the problem in-house instead.

So, who should you give it to? Before we answer that, let’s check out what happens on both sides.

Handing the Evidence to Louisa

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If you give the evidence to Louisa rather than Zoe in Starfield, she does her job. She will mention that she’ll have it sent to MAST and appreciate your help. Louisa even says she knew about Zoe’s offer and expresses happiness that you didn’t take it. You’re awarded 2,500 Credits and 75 XP for your troubles.

Handing the Evidence to Zoe

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Image Source: Bethesda Game Studios via Shark R on YouTube

If you ignore Lousia in Starfield to give the evidence to Zoe, she’ll claim that MAST will get what they need and nothing more. She’s just as grateful as Louisa, and Zoe even mentions that the Trade Authority won’t forget your actions. After your brief conversation, she also gives you 2,500 Credits and 75 XP.

Does Your Decision Matter?

As a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sidequest in Starfield, “Alternating Currents” doesn’t have the urgency compared to quests like “High Price to Pay.” The decision does not appear to have any consequences. Giving the evidence to either Zoe or Louisa nets you the same number of Credits and XP. Nothing else appears later in the game despite Zoe’s words that the Trade Authority will remember your help.

There are several main quests where your decisions will matter. However, this one merely adds to the background story of the game. It’s a nice roleplaying moment for your character though as you decide whether to stick with someone who’s just trying to do their job or go for someone with a bit more suspicious reasonings.


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Starfield is available for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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