Starfield Puddle Glitch: How to Get Free Credits


Even though you can get many resources, consumables, and ships for free by exploring various space locations, in-game currency and trade are integral to the gameplay. And while purchasing minerals costs only a few Credits, the best modules and ships can cost hundreds of thousands. Fortunately, the developers of Starfield are Bethesda, which means the game is not without glitches that are pleasant for the gaming community. Most recently, players found a new Glitch in the little Puddle in Akila City, and while the developers have not fixed it, we will tell you how to use it in Starfield.

How To Get Infinite Credits with Starfield Puddle Glitch

Starfield Akila City Puddle Glitch

Image Source: Bethesda via YouTube Ninja Pups

Before you start endlessly farming Credits, you should find the location of the desired glitch. So, to find Puddle Glitch in Starfield, you must head to the Cheyenne System and visit Akila Planet. Your landing point should be Akila City, after which you should go to the little Shepherd’s General Store and look at the small puddle near the entrance to the building. This Puddle serves as a portal straight into the pockets of the store owners.

However, if you are a new player and are not well-versed in the area, here are all the steps to get infinite Credits with Starfield Puddle Glitch in Akila City:

  • As we said earlier, land in Akila City and go to the city bridge.
  • Once through the area, Shepherd’s General Store will be the first store on your left.
  • Approach the store and interact with the puddle at the entrance. You must find the right point in the puddle that will open the Shepherd’s General Store vendor inventory.
  • Next, you can pick up all the items and thousands of Credits for free.
  • Sell items in any other store.
  • Visit any other planet, sit on any chair, and wait 24 in-game hours.
  • Return to Shepherd’s General Store and repeat the glitch. You can repeat this as much as you like or until you get bored.

Thanks to this method, you can earn tens or hundreds of millions of Credits. Also, do not forget to sell stolen goods to increase your income. By the way, the good news is that no one will judge or punish you for stealing items and money in this way. So hurry up and visit the rich puddle before Bethesda fixes this glitch.


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Starfield is available on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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