Starfield HD Rework Mod Aims to Fix Bethesda’s Mistakes


Starfield is a polarizing experience, with passionate gamers on both sides of the good or bad argument. When any massive game releases, there are bound to be concerns and criticisms, especially when it comes to a company known for releasing games with their fair share of bugs and issues. Starfield seems to satisfy exactly those conditions and has faced tons of criticism because of it. Luckily, we have the modding community, and with it comes the Starfield HD Rework Mod. This passionate, fan-made project aims to fix Bethesda’s mistakes and elevate the game to a new level of graphic quality.

What Will The Starfield HD Rework Mod Do?


The modding community has long been a fixer for Bethesda’s games, often stepping in to address issues that the developers at the company either couldn’t or wouldn’t do. The Starfield HD Rework Mod, like many other modding projects before it, aims to provide players with a truly next-gen-looking Starfield that runs well to boot.

One of the primary goals of this mod is to improve the game’s graphics. Bethesda is known for its huge and engaging open worlds, but its character models, especially the faces as well as textures, have been criticized for being outdated. The modding team behind Starfield HD Rework is dedicated to fixing this by bringing top-quality graphics to the game, with higher-resolution textures, improved lighting, and detailed character models. If the HD Rework that Skyrim had is any indication, this will make a huge impact.

Starfield HD Rework Mod is going to take the game into next-gen properly.

Image Source: Bethesda

But the Starfield HD Rework Mod’s goal isn’t just fixing the graphics. Bethesda games are often praised for their deep and engaging worlds, but they are also notorious for their numerous bugs and glitches. The modding team intends to work on bug fixes and improvements to create a more stable and enjoyable experience for players.

The Starfield HD Rework Mod is a testament to the enduring dedication of the modding community and the desire for players to see their favorite games reach their full potential. While it’s unfortunate that Bethesda’s somewhat uneven release of the game has created the need for such massive projects, the modding community’s efforts can ultimately lead to a more enjoyable Starfield experience for everyone.

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