Should You Spare or Kill Tomisar in Starfield?


Most missions in Starfield require that you make a decision that affects the rest of how that mission will play out. In the face of Divided Loyalties, you will need to make a decision on whether or not you should spare or kill Tomisar Ka’Dic. This important decision revolves around your companion, Andreja, so how you handle it is integral in that respect. Considering that, we will answer whether you should spare or kill Tomisar in Starfield.

What Happens if You Spare or Kill Tomisar in Starfield?

Should You Spare Or Kill Tomisar In Starfield

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Sparing or killing Starfield doesn’t have an effect on the quest itself, nor will it change your progress throughout the rest of the game. There are, however, different things that can happen as a result of your decision. You are able to decide whether it’s either you or Andreja who kills him or if he is spared altogether. 

Killing Tomisar in Starfield

As we explained, either you or Andreja can kill Tomisar. If you do happen to convince Andreja that you should do it, speak with her afterward after the deed is done. She will regret not doing it herself and will be removed from House Va-ruun. If you let her do the honor, she will feel she has finally done justice for her dead friends.

Regardless of which of these two options you pick, killing him will give you the opportunity to loot his body. In doing so, we received the following rewards:

  • 764 Credits
  • Heal Paste
  • Tomisar’s Outfit
  • Eon

Whether you or Andreja perform the kill, her standing with you as a companion will not change.

Sparing Tomisar in Starfield

In sparing Tomisar, he will tell Andreja that the high council will hear of her actions. She will explain that she is unsure of her future but can be reassured that she will remain with the Constellation. Neither of these decisions affects your relationship with her, meaning that if you are pursuing her as a romantic partner, you will still be able to do so without issue, regardless of your choice.

Hopefully, this makes your final decision a little easier now that you know what happens after either decision.


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Starfield is available for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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