Should You Spare or Kill Austin Rake in Starfield? – Answered


Starfield is really good at putting you in positions where you need to decide the fate of a single person. One of these decisions revolves around a target that the Crimson Fleet wants you to take out named Austin Rake. The United Colonies want you to spare him, making the situation a little bit more difficult from the jump. We want to walk you through whether you should spare or kill Austin Rake in Starfield.

Should You Spare or Kill Austin Rake

Should You Spare or Kill Austin Rake in Starfield? - Answered

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Austin Rake is an ex-Crimson Fleet member and is on Naeva’s bad side. Once you find the ship where Austin can be found, the Ragana, you can choose to board the ship or blow it up right on the spot. Doing either of these has its own consequences, which we’ve written out below so you can make an informed decision about what you want to do. In our experience, we felt that it was best to spare Austin Rake because you are able to continue forward without any of your companions or Commander Ikande being upset with you.

What Happens If You Spare Austin Rake?

If you spare Austin Rake and take him to the UC Vanguards, then Commander Ikande will provide you with fake evidence that you can take back to Naeva about having killed Rake. Upon bringing the evidence back, Naeva will be happy to know that the situation has been taken care of, and she’ll show you how to get to The Key.

What Happens If You Kill Austin Rake?

If you decide to kill Austin Rake, then there are a few more issues that could happen. For starters, Rake isn’t the only person aboard the Ragana. This means that if you’re going to take out Rake, you’ll have to take out everyone else on the ship or else they will get hostile as well. Doing this will upset the UC Vanguard, but you’ll walk away with a little more of a pay day than if you hadn’t. You’re also able to simply destroy the ship without boarding it at all if you so choose to do that instead. Regardless, if you decide to kill Rake, then Ikande will not be happy.

You’ll still be able to continue the mission with respect to infiltrating the Crimson Fleet, but the choice it ultimately up to you. You’ll also have to live with the fact that there are some companions who will absolutely not like it if you decide to kill Rake. So, you’ll want to take that into consideration as well when doing this Austin Rake Starfield mission.


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Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox.

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