Power Pack’s 40th Anniversary Brings Back Original Creators


Marvel is celebrating the Power Pack’s 40th Anniversary by bringing some familiar faces back to the series. An all-new miniseries brings original creators Louise Simonson and June Brigman back to the superpowered family. Simonson and Brigman are back 40 years after the Power family’s debut. The duo is back with Alex, Julie, Jack, and Katie Power for a retro adventure.

Power Pack’s 40th Anniversary

Power Pack 40th anniversary

Image Source: Marvel

An all-new miniseries, Power Pack: Into The Storm, celebrates the team’s 40th by taking readers back to the beginning. The five-issue feature an adventure set in the early days of Simonson and Brigman’s run when the Power Pack were the “it-kids” of Marvel. As if that wasn’t enough, the miniseries also features their often-times allies of Franklin Richards and members of the Uncanny X-Men.

Alex, Julie, Jack, and Katie Power just want to save the world, even though their parents don’t know about their super abilities. However, Franklin Richards has a vision of a galactic threat heading straight for them. So, the siblings must decide how far they will go to save the world.

Into The Storm Again

Series creators Louise Simonson and June Brigman spoke to Marvel about returning to their old stomping grounds. Simonson noted how easy it is to slip back into the world and characters of Power Pack. She also loved the chance to delve back into whether these superpowered kids should tell their parents, which is played with through Franklin Richard’s abilities.

The writer also jumped at the opportunity to delve into the Snark culture again. Plus, it was fun to inject Storm from the X-Men into this new retro adventure. Meanwhile, Brigman always enjoys getting to draw the Power Pack kids, which is something the artist hopes readers see as they catch up with the Power Pack once again.

Power Pack: Into The Storm #1 is on sale January 24.

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