PlayStation 5 System Update Adds Support For Larger M.2 SSDs & Expands Remote Play


Sony has released another system update for the PlayStation 5, and this one finally adds some much-requested features. It also brings some changes that we didn’t even know we wanted. Some of the recent software updates for the PS5 have been lacking in big changes, while the beta versions had hinted at what we could expect.

The latest round of changes brings higher capacity SSD support for people who want to make sure they never have to delete anything. Now, with the latest software update, PlayStation 5 users will be able to upgrade their storage by up to a whopping 8 TB.

PlayStation 5 Software Update Increases Ways To Play While Improving The Experience

playstation 5 PS5 software update

Image Source: Sony

A great accessibility option has been added that will likely enable more people to find it easier to use the standard PS5 controllers instead of buying the soon-to-be-released Access controller from Sony. You can now connect a secondary DualSense to the PS5, and use that as an aid to your primary controller. This should be a cost-effective option for people who already have multiple controllers lying around, and isn’t something we have ever seen before.

Another major update is the expanded PlayStation Remote Play support. Previously, not only was the device list limited, but it was also unavailable on TVs. Now, anyone with a TV that runs Android TV OS 12 will be able to install PS5 Remote Play and other verified devices including the 4K version of the Chromecast with Google TV. These changes are even more likely to ensure the demise of the PlayStation Portal.

There have been many smaller changes as well like the addition of new audio options that will let Temprest 3D Audio work on devices that support Dolby Atmos using HDMI. And improvements to the official PS App that will allow for more rich communication options, while enhancing customizability for multiplayer sessions. The PS5 software update update should be live already, and if you’d like to see the complete changelog, visit the official PlayStation Blog here.

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