Life Is Strange: Forget-Me-Not Gets First Look From Titan Comics


Life Is Strange: Forget-Me-Not is an upcoming Titan Comics series based on the popular video game True Colors. Aiming for a December launch, the comic comes from critically acclaimed writer Zoe Thorogood and artist Claudia Leonardi. Titan Comics recently released a first look at what awaits readers as they dive back into the world of Life Is Strange and Alex Chen. By the look of things, the comic is aiming to be just as emotional as the video game.

Life Is Strange: Forget-Me-Not Plot

Life Is Strange Forget-Me-Not

Image Source: Titan Comics

Life Is Strange: Forget-Me-Not picks up after the events of True Colors. Protagonist Alex Chen is currently on a cross-country tour with her partner/bandmate Steph Gingrich. This leads them directly into the path of teenager Lily. The two decide to take the teenager under their wing to discover why she is running and what from. However, there is so much more to this girl than what’s on the surface. As Alex and Steph dig deeper, they uncover a girl struggling with memories of lives she hasn’t lived. Now, Alex is determined to keep her from suffering a lonely fate, like the one she had.

Diving Into Alex’s World

In a statement about Life Is Strange: Forget-Me-Not, writer Zoe Thorogood shared the impact that the game series had on her. The original Life is Strange was very formative for a young Zoe, who remembers downloading each episode the day it came out. This is largely because the series is “about misfits trying to find themselves and their crowd.” Plus, the series uses superpowers as stand-ins for real-life divergences in people. So, the writer hopes that this new series will appeal to both old and new fans. And that it captures the charm and heartbreak of the series.

Some sneak peek panels show off Alex, Steph, and Lily as they meet on the side of the road. It also shows off Alex Chen’s emotion-reading powers. The first issue of Life Is Strange: Forget-Me-Not is expected on December 12 from Titan Comics.

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