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Have you gotten some Quartz in Lies of P? Where can you use this precious material? There is a mechanism in Lies of P called the P-Organ. With it, you can upgrade your skills and gain some new abilities. Using this mechanism requires Quartz and Quartz can only be used in a specific location in the game.

Quartz is a rare material that you won’t come across a ton of in Lies of P. Thanks to its rarity, you will want to make sure to use this material wisely. This guide will show you where to use Quartz in Lies of P and everything you need to know about the P-Organ.

Where to use Quartz in Lies of P – Using the P-Organ

You can use Quartz in Geppetto’s room in Hotel Krat. At first, this room is unable to be used but becomes available after you rescue Geppetto from the caravan being guarded by the Mad Donkey boss.

After rescuing Geppetto, return to Hotel Krat. From the Stargazer, go to the second floor of the hotel and follow the hallways around the entranceway to where Geppetto’s room is located.

Lies Of P P Organ Upgrade Menu
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In Geppetto’s room, interact with the chair to the left of his desk. While sitting in the chair, menu options will appear. Select the Activate P-Organ option to access the P-Organ upgrade menu. To use your Quartz, select an upgrade. Each upgrade will cost you one Quartz.

How to get Quartz in Lies of P

Quartz is a rare material in Lies of P that can only be obtained in a few areas. To get Quartz, check out hidden areas like secret alcoves and hidden buildings. There is a chance you will find Quartz hiding out on the map.

You will get most of your Quartz by defeating bosses. Bosses typically drop one Quartz to add to your total amount along with a beneficial item like Ergo. It takes two Quartz to upgrade one node in the P-Organ but you can get smaller benefits from single uses of Quartz.

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