Jennifer Aniston Stuns In Bikini With Summer Peaches


Jennifer Aniston has put on a rare bikini display on Instagram as she delivers a summer photo dump complete with fresh peaches. The sitcom star, 54, wowed fans with weekend photos and videos on Sunday. Showing off her ageless good looks and sensational bikini body, Jennifer Aniston let Instagram in on how her summer has been. The Friends alum also managed to gain over half a million likes in just three hours. Jennifer included precious moments with friends, some beach time, plus a little fresh fruit action.

Jennifer Aniston Stuns Instagram In Black Bikini

Opening her post with a casual summer walk, Jennifer shared a day out with gal pals as she got in a little low-impact cardio.

The Hollywood star then peeped her swimsuit body as she was filmed from behind while making her way across beach sands. Descending some steps as she entered a sandy space with greenery, Jennifer Aniston showed off her fit figure in a black bikini and towel worn as a beach wraparound. The ex to Brad Pitt also carried a beverage in one hand, plus two bags in the other.

Jennifer Aniston Popular On Instagram With Bikini Video

Also shared was Jen’s love of dogs, plus a snap of her reclining on a massive indoor couch with friends. The A-Lister made sure to show some night fun, too, as she leaned forward over an open fire during a summer night. Oh, and those fresh peaches.

In a caption, bikini favorite Jennifer Aniston told Instagram: “Summertime photo dump.”

Aniston has actually stated that she isn’t a fan of social media. At the age of 53, she revealed: “I hate it,” adding: “It’s torture for me. The reason I went on Instagram was to launch this line. Then the pandemic hit, and we didn’t launch. So I was just stuck with being on Instagram. It doesn’t come naturally.”

Regardless, Jennifer Aniston remains wildly popular on Instagram.

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