Is There a New Game Plus in Starfield? Answered


One of the most anticipated releases of 2023 is here, and fans are catching every bit of information about Bethesda’s most global game with genuine interest. In this game, you will find exciting gameplay, many unique mechanics, and thousands of planets for you to explore. It will probably take you hundreds of hours to explore even the most essential aspects of the game. And this is not surprising, given that the game development took eight years. But what to do when you have completed the first playthrough? Is there a New Game Plus in Starfield? Here, you will find the answer.

Does Starfield have New Game Plus?

Is There New Game Plus in Starfield

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If you’re looking for the short answer, then Yes, Starfield has New Game Plus. This information was confirmed in a recent interview with the developers, in which they confidently stated that such a feature is present in the game and that players should expect something special. However, they did not mention the features of the New Game Plus mode in Starfield. And it’s intriguing because Starfield is the first Bethesda game to offer players this feature. For example, previous high-profile Bethesda releases like Elder Scrolls or Fallout didn’t have this feature.

Of course, all players are used to the classic New Game Plus. You can complete the game again with a piece of equipment, skill, or level saved. But speaking of the vast gaming world of Starfield, we can expect something different. With a colossal variety of content and many mechanics, it’s hard to apply the basic principles of New Game Plus to this game. You might be able to save your level and gear, but what about the hundreds of planets you’ve visited on a previous playthrough? Are your buildings, unique spaceships, and explored maps saved? It is only a part of the questions, and the developers have not given a specific answer. But no more guessing because we have the answer.

Starfield: What Will You Get in New Game Plus?

Like many other games, New Game Plus will let you play through the game’s story from the very beginning, but this mode is not as generous as we might expect. Your Credits, Ships, Equipment, and Crew members will remain in the past playthrough, and you can not take them with you in New Game Plus. In addition, you will lose all your Outposts and relationships with NPCs. So you will have to go through all the story and side quests again, get to know the NPCs, and develop your influence in space.

On the other hand, your second playthrough will be much easier than the previous one. After all, some characteristics will remain with you:

  • Appearance and character traits.
  • All perks from the skill tree.
  • All the abilities that you get during the first playthrough.
  • Character level.

Thus, starting a new path, you will already be an experienced ship commander with incredible leadership qualities and abilities worthy of commanding the best space fleet. In addition, saving character customizations ensures you can recreate your favorite crew team. For example, if you chose the Hero Worshiped Trait during your first playthrough, you still can accept an Adoring Fan into your space team.

However, this is all that is known about New Game Plus in Starfield. Although this mode has a lot of advantages, you should not rush to start a new passage. To get started, explore all the side content to go to new story adventures without regrets about missed activities.


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