How To Visit Halo Reach’s Planet in Starfield


A little-known secret of Starfield is that Bethesda based its star map on real-world solar systems. The Halo franchise is a famous example of another series that also does this. Because of this, there is some interesting overlap between the two games’ locations. Our favorite instance of this comes in the iconic planet Reach, the main setting of Halo: Reach. Here is how you can visit Halo’s planet Reach in Starfield.

Where To Find Halo Reach in Starfield

Eridani 2 tropical forest

Image Source: Bethesda Game Studios via The Nerd Stash

In Starfield, Reach is called Eridani II. As the title suggests, it can be found in the Eridani star system, just below and a little to the left of Alpha Centauri. This is great because it means you can head over to the planet no matter how early on in the game you are. No upgraded Grav Drives are required here!

The best part about Eridani II is that it is exactly what you would expect. The planet’s ecosystem comprises towering mountains, tundra biomes, and dense forests. The overall feel of the world is much the same as that of Reach.

What Does Eridani II Offer?

Resource map eridani 2

Image Source: Bethesda Game Studios via The Nerd Stash

Undoubtedly, to Halo: Reach fans, this is one of Starfield‘s most alluring locations to build an outpost. Good news — it is a fantastic spot to do so. A full list of all available resources on Eridani II can be found below:

Chlorine Cobalt Copper
Flourine Gold Iron
Nickel Water

However, that’s not all. Eridani II is also home to a breathable atmosphere and temperate weather conditions — no spacesuit, no problem. Flora and fauna are also moderate, so there is plenty of organic material to go around. It even has 0.86 gravity to make traversing its surface a breeze!


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