How To Pay Off Your Bounty in Starfield


If the law’s on your back, rather than pray, you can find a way to learn how to pay the bounty in Starfield. You have two options when you commit a crime in Bethesda‘s latest release. You can either serve time or become a fugitive from the UC security guard. Do you think it will be easy to get away with your crimes? Well, no, plenty of people will be interested in getting your head in exchange for fair pay. So, you will have to find a way to reduce the risk of them finding you or at least wanting to find you. But how? The following guide will look at a good strategy to get away with it. 

How To Remove a Bounty in Starfield

Clear Bounty Starfield

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The answer is straightforward: you have to clear a bounty before you get caught. This will help you go from being a wanted scum to being an upstanding citizen.

As a first step, you should look for a Trackers Alliance Self-Service Bounty Clearance kiosk. There, you can pay your bounty in Starfield without having to be in contact with a UC security guard and try some kind of blackmail. 

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Remember that the value of your bounty for committing petty theft or smuggling will not be the same as that of your head for murdering a person. We recommend bringing enough money with you to pay the bounty in Starfield, as you won’t be evading taxes in the game, either. The Trackers Alliance Self-Service Bounty Clearance kiosk in Starfield will charge you a small percentage for their services. Of course, it’s not fair that you come out on top. 

Where To Find a Trackers Alliance Self-Service Bounty Clearance Kiosk in Starfield?

While finding a kiosk in New Atlantis or other major cities is expected, you can also sneak off the beaten track and find them in a remote bar.

It will be essential to know which faction is looking for you. If you try to pay for your bounty at a Trackers Alliance Self-Service Bounty Clearance kiosk in Starfield that corresponds to this faction, you will immediately be denied payment and forced to escape from many guards. 

The solution is to go to another star system not associated with your quest and perform the pay bounty from another kiosk in Starfield. If you can’t remember how many crimes you’ve committed recently, we recommend you check the star map and confirm that the place you’re heading to for your dirty deeds isn’t also looking for you. 

Starfield is available on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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