How to Lock On a Target in Monster Hunter Now


During the early stages of your adventure in Monster Hunter Now, you’ll be tasked with a main quest objective of locking on a target during combat. Those who’ve played World or Rise will recall that it’s possible to lock one’s camera on a monster with an input on their gamepad or keyboard. However, Monster Hunter Now is different in that this mechanic is tied to specific pieces of gear that possess the Equipment Skill “Lock On.”

How to Get the Lock On Equipment Skill in Monster Hunter Now

Monster Hunter Now Kulu Headpiece

Image Source: Capcom via The Nerd Stash

To get the Lock On Equipment Skill for the early-game quest in Monster Hunter Now, you’ll need the Kulu Headpiece. As its name implies, this helm is crafted using materials dropped by Kulu-Ya-Ku, the egg-stealing Bird Wyvern. For those new to the Monster Hunter franchise, this Large Monster has the body of a Velociraptor but the head of a Dodo bird.

You can encounter Kulu-Ya-Ku in the Forest, Desert, and Swamp biomes across your AR world. Remember that the terrain is constantly changing and randomized, so one site where you spot a Kulu-Ya-Ku will differ several hours later. Water is the ideal Elemental Damage for this Bird Wyvern, so equip the Jagras Edge 2 when farming this Large Monster.

Locking On Monsters in Monster Hunter Now

Lock On a Target in Monster Hunter Now

Image Source: Capcom via The Nerd Stash

After you’ve crafted your Kulu Headpiece, equip it and enter combat with a Large Monster. It’s not possible to lock on targets with Small Monsters in the wild. On the bottom right of your screen, tap the Lock On icon, and several reticules will appear on your opponent’s body. Select which part you wish to attack and take down your quarry.

The Lock On Equipment Skill in Monster Hunter Now is exceptionally useful when attempting to break a specific part from a Large Monster’s body. For instance, locking onto the Hind Leg of a Barroth and breaking it will reward you with a bonus claw after battle. The same goes for every Large Monster you encounter.


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