How To Get Tungsten in Starfield


Progressing through Starfield, players will have a lot of building and crafting to do. After all, everything from the construction of outposts to the creation of ships, weapons, and equipment requires tons of minerals and other materials. Fortunately, everything you need is on hundreds of planets you can visit as you progress through the game, and Tungsten is no exception. Of course, this material is not as widespread as Lead, but if you know where to look, you can collect as much as you need. So we are here to help you and tell you how to get Tungsten in Starfield and how to farm it most efficiently.

Starfield: All Ways To Get Tungsten

How To Get Tungsten in Starfield

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First of all, it is worth noting that you can get Tungsten in Starfield, also known by its chemical symbol W, in the following ways:

  • Buy from one of the stores in different parts of the galaxy.
  • Mine it on one of the planets using Cutter.

Purchasing this material is a good solution if you need just a little Tungsten. After visiting, for example, the New Homestead colony in Titan, you can talk to Jae Montreal and buy some Tungsten for 16 Credits. The price is quite justified considering that this material is of medium rarity. If you need more, sit on a chair next to the counter and wait 24-48 hours. This time will be enough for new goods to arrive in the store, and you can buy more of the desired mineral.

However, the method described above is handy only at the initial stages of the adventure. Because you will need much more Tungsten later, and in this case, you should go to searches. You only need to scan the different planets and look for the chemical symbol W for Tungsten. Next, following the color match, find the greatest concentration of the material you are interested in and land in this place. Equip your Cutter to mine as much Tungsten as you need. By the way, here are a few planets you can visit:

  • Voss moon (Olivas planet) – Alpha Centauri
  • Bondar planet – Alpha Centauri
  • Titan – Sol System
  • Eridani VII-c moon (Eridani VII planet) – Eridani System
  • Pluto planet – Sol System

Best Way To Farm Tungsten in Starfield

How To Farm Tungsten in Starfield

Image Source: Bethesda via YouTube Lordacris Gaming

All of the above are viable sources of Tungsten, but if you need tons of this material, you must build an outpost. There is nothing complicated in these mechanics for those who have spent at least a few hours in the game. But to simplify the whole process, here is what you should do to farm Tungsten in Starfield:

  • First, as we said earlier, you must choose a planet rich in the desired mineral. However, use the locations from the list above, and you won’t go wrong.
  • Next, scan the planet and find areas with the highest concentration of Tungsten. Set a waypoint and land at that location.
  • Once again, scan the ground under your feet using the Helmet Scanner to ensure that Tungsten is here.
  • Finally, set up an outpost. Please note that some planets have an aggressive climate, and you must unlock the Planetary Habitation skill to start building.
  • Next, you only need to create an Extractor – Tungsten by spending 5 Iron, 2 Tungsten, and 4 Aluminum. Add 5-6 Solar Array or Wind Turbine, install several Storage Containers, and start building.
  • After some time, the outpost is ready, and you can enjoy uninterrupted supplies of the desired resource.


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Starfield is available on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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