How To Get the Swimsuit in Starfield


While cosmetic items are not an essential aspect of Starfield’s gameplay, the developers have figured out how to combine style with utility. From futuristic ship modules that give your ship unique properties to powerful outfits that give your character simple perks, all this makes the gameplay more exciting by adding realism. One of these items is the Swimsuit, which does not give you any significant buffs but reduces O2 costs while running and swimming. And if that’s what you need, we’re here to help you and tell you how to find Swimsuit in Starfield.

Where To Find the Swimsuit in Starfield

Where To Find the Swimsuit in Starfield

Image Source: Bethesda via YouTube Alpine Rum

To find the Swimsuit in Starfield, you must go to the planet Porrima II planet in the Porrima System and visit the Paradiso resort area. If you are new to the game, you should know that this is a relatively far system, so you will have to do a few gravity jumps or increase your fuel capacity. You can find this system east of the Olympus and Volii Systems or well east of Alpha Centauri.

How To Get the Swimsuit in Starfield

Image Source: Bethesda via YouTube Alpine Rum

However, upon landing at the resort, you won’t immediately notice a new set of beachwear under your feet. So you’ll have to go a little further to get the Swimsuit in Starfield:

  • Once you land at Paradiso, go to the resort’s main entrance.
  • Under the giant Paradiso arch, go left from the building entrance towards the beach.
  • Soon, you will see a small white round structure on your left, and you should enter it.
  • Examine the closets to the right of the building’s entrance, and you will find a Swimsuit on one of the top shelves.

What Is Swimsuit in Starfield

Depending on the gender of the character who is equipping the Swimsuit, this item of clothing will take the form of a men’s swimming trunks or a women’s Swimsuit. So, this guide will be helpful regardless of your gender. In addition, you can ask your companions to wear this outfit. And it will also adapt to the wearer.

As we said earlier, the Swimsuit reduces your O2 cost while running and swimming but is otherwise useless. This clothing has no resistance to any damage types. So when you put on a Swimsuit, from a defensive point of view, you are still naked. On the other hand, being on the sunny beach of Paradiso, the Swimsuit will be the best outfit for memorable photos.


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Starfield is available on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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