How To Get (& Farm) Titanium in Starfield


Gathering materials is an integral part of the Starfield gameplay, but some materials have more value than others. One of these materials is Titanium – an integral ingredient for many of the most essential crafts in the game. You must use this material anywhere, from building high-tech outposts to crafting powerful weapon mods such as Fully Automatic and High Powered. And while this material is valuable, don’t worry. The rarity of Titanium will no longer be a problem for you if you know where to find and farm it in Starfield, and we will help you with this.

Starfield: All Ways To Get Titanium

How To Get Titanium in Starfield

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First of all, it is worth noting that you can get Titanium in Starfield in several ways:

  • Firstly, you can buy this material from many merchants in big cities.
  • Secondly, you can mine Titanium using your Cutter on some planets.
  • You can also get this material as a random drop.
  • And the best way to farm Titanium is to create a specialized outpost.

If you have just begun your adventures in the Starfield, purchasing Titanium is the logical decision. You can find this material in the Resources tab for 12 Credits per one, but any vendor’s stock is limited. If you need more, sit on any chair nearby and wait 24-48 hours before the assortment replenishes. As for the location of suitable vendors, here are a few places you can visit:

  • Cydonia – Mars (Sol System)
  • UC Exchange – Mars (Sol System)
  • Trade Authority – All Big Cities

An alternative way to get Titanium is to mine it yourself using the Cutter. You only need to visit one of the many planets with this mineral. Using the scanner in planet map mode, you should find the corresponding Ti chemical symbol. Based on the color designation, find the most profitable place to land. Finally, use the scanner on the helmet to find the required material and the Cutter to mine it off. If you’re new to the game, here are a few planets you can start your search from:

  • Titan moon – Saturn planet in the Sol System
  • Pluto planet – Sol System
  • Procyon II planet – Procyon A System
  • Eridani VII-C moon – Eridani VII planet (Eridani System)
  • Vega II-b moon – Vega II planet (Vega System)
  • Heilo moon – Montara planet (Cheyenne System)

However, sometimes you can find a little Titanium without noticing it. After all, you can get some of this mineral by exploring abandoned locations on hundreds of planets, collecting loot from defeated enemies, and even attacking other ships. However, this method is more of a pleasant bonus than a working strategy.

Best Way To Farm Titanium in Starfield

How To Farm Titanium in Starfield

Image Source: Bethesda via YouTube Lordacris Gaming

If you want to have an almost unlimited amount of Titanium, you should automate the process of its extraction by installing the appropriate outpost. If you’ve spent at least a few hours in the game, this mechanic should be familiar to you, but to make the process easier, here’s what you should do to farm as much Titanium as you need:

  • First, choose a planet with an abundance of Titanium. Start with those planets that we talked about earlier.
  • Next, use the scanner to find the best place to land. Look at the Ti element color on the left side of the screen and find a large planet surface with the same color.
  • Land and use the Helmet Scanner to ensure the Titanium is underground.
  • Please note that weather conditions on many planets with Titanium are unfavorable. So, you must unlock the Planetary Habitation Skill before building an outpost.
  • When preparations are complete, start building the outpost by installing an Extractor, 5-6 Solar Array or Wind Turbines, and several Storages.
  • Install other outpost modules as desired and enjoy continuous Titanium mining.


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Starfield is available on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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