How To Get Arugula in Fae Farm


Playing Fae Farm, you will need to build and decorate your homestead. In addition, you can farm, fish, craft various items, and even romance characters. But almost everything you do in the game uses energy. You can restore it by eating various foods or dishes, and one of the first foods you can find is called Arugula. This plant is quite hard to see as it looks like grass and other useless plants. So, read on to find out how to get Arugula in Fae Farm.

Where To Find Arugula for Tidying up Quest

Where To Find Arugula for Tidying up Quest

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Your adventure in Fae Farm will begin with you arriving on the island of Azoria after a shipwreck. The first person you meet will be Merritt who will show you your homestead and tell you about the main mechanics of the game. One of her requests will be tidying up near your new home. For this quest, you need to collect several resources in Fae Farm, including 5 Arugula.

Arugula looks like a green plant with long leaves. It is easy to miss as it can be mistaken for grass. But in fact, it is very useful, especially in the early stages.

During the Tidying up quest, you will easily find 5 Arugula. After that, you can find it in other places on the island of Azoria. But if you want to collect more of this resource, you should know that it is a seasonal plant. This means that the plant can only grow at certain times of the year. In the case of Arugula, you need to wait until Spring in Fae Farm.

How To Use Arugula in Fae Farm

How To Use Arugula in Fae Farm

Image Source: Phoenix Labs via loulou-crossing Screenshot

Arugula can be eaten just after you pick it. It will restore 5 Energy to you, but we recommend you save this ingredient for cooking. One of the simplest recipes is Grilled Greens, which restore 15 Energy.

To make it, you need to find a cooking station, such as a cooking fire. Then, interact with it and select Arugula. Luckily, you only need one Arugula to make Grilled Greens in Fae Farm. And as you progress further in the game, you will be able to unlock even more cooking recipes.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Arugula in Fae Farm. It is a fairly common plant that can restore your energy, so follow our tips to find it. In the meantime, please take a look at our guide on how to play Co-Op in Fae Farm.


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Fae Farm is available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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