How To Defeat King’s Flame Fuoco in Lies of P


So far, Lies of P has thrown some tough enemies at you, such as Scrapped Watchman. Learning how to deal with these opponents will improve your combat skills, making Krat’s mobs a bit easier to fight. However, the battle with King’s Flame Fuoco in Lies of P is when the game takes things up a notch, forcing you near death’s door. We have been through this fiery crucible of a boss fight, but we lost count of how many times we died before discovering its weakness. Now, we will guide you through the battle to have you emerge victorious.

Lies of P: King’s Flame Fuoco Boss Guide

King's Flame Fuoco Lies of P

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One thing to know about King’s Flame Fuoco is that it is weak to electric damage, making this Lies of P boss fight easy. To prepare yourself for the battle, head over to the Wandering Merchant and stock up on the following electrical items:

  • Throwing Cell
  • Electric Blitz Canister
  • Electric Blitz Abrasive

Equip yourself with at least five of each to have an edge in the King’s Flame Fuoco boss fight.

In the first phase, King’s Flame Fuoco will come at you with its giant hammer. You will have the option to block his attacks, and when he swings and misses, there will be an opening to hit it with charged heavy strikes. You will want to use the Flumis Legion arm for electric shock and the Electric Coil Stick. It repeats several attacks in the first phase, slamming its hammer into the ground and charging at you when it glows red.


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As Fuoco’s health bar depletes, it will start adding new attacks to its arsenal. Once his health bar drops to half, it will initiate the second phase. The boss begins with oil bombs that don’t do damage but can become a problem later.

Next, you must avoid Fuoco’s ranged fireballs, which can be easily dodged by hiding behind the pillars. If a fireball hits a tar pool from the previous oil bombs, that can be a bit problematic. The whole arena will be set ablaze, triggering the Overheat status effect. For this, you need an Attribute Purification Ampoule. At this point, you want to equip yourself and start throwing all electric throwables at the boss for full-on damage.

Properly positioning yourself around the arena is crucial so you avoid his attacks. Before edging King’s Flame Fuoco, the boss will introduce one more attack, which includes a flamethrower. Here, you will have a massive opening just before it starts casting flames at you.

As you can see, the boss fight isn’t that tough; it only takes a bit more time to defeat King’s Flame Fuoco in Lies of P. Follow this strategy, and you won’t have any problems eliminating this enraged sentient furnace.

Lies of P is available on PC, Xbox, and Playstation.

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