How to Craft Items in Lies of P


Lies of P has a variety of different blades, handles, and items that you can use to make the most of different situations and boss battles. Each of these weapons and items is in relation to the famed novel by Carlo Collodi about Pinocchio, the puppet who wanted to be a real boy. You’re able to mix and match these items and weapons, but if you don’t know where to craft them, then that’s useless. Considering that, we wrote out how to craft items and assemble items in Lies of P.

Where to Craft Items in Lies of P

How to Craft Items in Lies of P

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You’re able to assemble your weapon through a mix of different blades and hilts, but you can’t outright craft these items out of raw materials as you would normally. Instead, the idea of crafting weapons is more out of the idea of mixing and matching blades and hilts to your liking until you’ve created the best weapon that suits your needs.

How Do You Assemble Blades and Hilts?

There are two real ways to assemble your weapons in Lies of P. You can head over to Hotel Krat and speak with Eugenie on the first floor to do this. After you’ve defeated the Mad Donkey boss, you can use the Enigma Assembly Tool at any Stargazer. Once you have this tool, you won’t need to go to Hotel Krat each and every time you’d like to assemble a new weapon. To actually assemble the blade, you need to choose which hilt you’d like to add to what blade. There is no cost to doing this, and, as we explained, you don’t need to craft new hilts or blades to be able to do this. You can just upgrade the blades and hilts you currently have and then assemble them to create your preferred weapon.

Can You Disassemble Weapons?

Yes, you can disassemble weapons. The best part is that in doing this, you don’t lose out on materials or Ergo. If you press the square button on your PlayStation controller, the X button on your Xbox controller, or the E button on your keyboard in the assembly screen, you’ll be able to disassemble the weapon. The assemble it again, you just need to put the same blade and hilt together again.


Best PC Settings for Lies of P

Lies of P is available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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