How To Cook Freminet’s Special Dish in Genshin Impact (Seabird’s Sojourn)


Freminet is one of the latest additions to Genshin Impact. He’s a 4-star Cryo character who wields a Claymore. Stats aside, one of the other most important things to learn about him is his special dish. Like the characters before him, Freminet has a unique meal you can prepare for combat bonuses. In Genshin Impact, Freminet’s special dish is Seabird’s Sojourn. We’ll show you everything you need to cook the meal and what effects you can expect it to give you.

Freminet’s Special Dish – Seabird’s Sojourn Recipe

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Seabird’s Sojourn is Genshin’s take on Poisson Seafood Soup. So, to make Freminet’s special dish, you must first unlock the Poisson recipe. To do that, head to Hotel Debord in the Court of Fontaine: Quartier Narbonnais subarea. From there, visit Sanguinetti to purchase the recipe for Poisson Seafood Soup for 5,000 Mora.

Now that you have that recipe, you can cook as Freminet to make it so that it will turn into his special dish. The following ingredients are needed to create Seabird’s Sojourn:

  • x4 Fish
  • x2 Tomato
  • x2 Mint
  • x2 Marcotte

How To Gather Ingredients for Seabird’s Sojourn

You don’t have too many ingredients to track down for Freminet’s special dish. Let’s start with one of the easiest cooking ingredients: Fish. You can find Fish in different bodies of water throughout Teyvat. So, if you don’t already have a supply, it’s quick and easy to build one up.

Next up are Tomatoes. This cooking ingredient drops from Investigation points. However, the more straightforward route is to buy them. The following NPCs sell Tomatoes daily:

  • Aoi (Inazuma City) – 120 Mora
  • Blanche (City of Mondstadt) – 120 Mora
  • Boucicaut (Court of Fontaine: Vasari Passage) – 120 Mora
  • Dongsheng (Chihu Rock) – 120 Mora
  • Eugenie (Court of Fontaine: Vasari Passage) – 120 Mora
  • Hamawi (Sumeru City) – 120 Mora
  • Kiyoko (Bourou Village) – 80 Mora

Mint is another item you need for Freminet’s special dish, and you can find it growing in various grassy terrains around Teyvat. Only one shop sells Mint. You can purchase it from Chloris, who wanders around Mondstadt’s Windrise region. It sells for 150 Mora.

Finally is Marcotte for Seabird’s Sojourn in Genshin Impact. It grows throughout Fontaine. However, you can also visit the Court of Fontaine: Vasari Passage and purchase it from Eugenie or Boucicaut for 240 Mora.

Effects of Freminet’s Special Dish

Seabird’s Sojourn is known as a Recovery Dish in Genshin. It impacts the following areas:

  • HP Restore
  • HP Restore Percent
  • HP Regen

More specifically, it restores 34% of a character’s Max HP. Alongside that, you will regenerate 980 HP every 5 seconds for 30 seconds.


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Genshin Impact is available for PC, PlayStation, and mobile.

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