How To Complete In Their Footsteps in Starfield


In Their Footsteps is the 13th mission of the main story, and here you won’t find any challenging trials or fights. Instead, you’ll spend most of your time learning more about the answers to some questions. It’s not that difficult, but it takes some time and may be confusing, so we are here to help you. After completing the Unity mission, you will receive the coordinates of the Scorpius ship that you need to visit. So, let’s take a closer look at how to complete In Their Footsteps in Starfield.

Starfield: How To Complete In Their Footsteps

How To Complete In Their Footsteps in Starfield: Hunter

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One of the last tasks in the Unity mission was to complete a puzzle with the scorpion constellation. After solving this simple puzzle, you receive the coordinates of a new star system where you will need to go. As it turns out, there you will find the Scorpius, which is one of the Starborn ships, and Hunter will be waiting for you there. He is the killer of your good friend and companion in the High Price To Pay mission. He’s been waiting for this meeting for a long time, so let’s find out what’s coming next.

Hail the Scorpius

How To Complete In Their Footsteps in Starfield: Emissary

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When you visit a new star system, you will notice the Scorpius ship we mentioned above. As you get closer, you can hail the Scorpius vessel to contact the crew. Surprisingly, a Hunter will start talking to you to invite you aboard. There are several dialog options to choose from, ranging from relatively peaceful to threatening, but regardless, you will eventually get inside the Scorpius.

Once inside, you will notice not only the Hunter but also the Emissary, which is also a representative of Starborn. Then you will find long dialogues about the universe and an interesting story about the existence of each of them. Once on board, the next mission objective will be available to you.

Conversation With Hunter and Emissary

Starfield: Hunter

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Now that you’re on board, don’t try to sabotage, as you won’t succeed anyway. You can’t use weapons or anything like that until you leave the ship. Hunter will speak to you, and he will be ironically happy to see you again. The next thing he does is introduce another guest of the ship, namely Emissary. You may have met him before when you were picking up one of the artifacts on Neon in the mission All That Money Can Buy.

As you continue the dialog, Emissary begins to tell you more about Starborn and who they are. As the dialog progresses, you’ll be able to learn more about each of them, their principles, and moral values. In the end, Emissary will be the first to reveal his identity. You will see a shocking truth, the same companion whose death you saw with your own eyes is standing in front of you. In fact, nothing is what it seems, and this is not your companion but one of his personalities from another universe.

He and Hunter have already seen hundreds of similar worlds, and all of this is because they have been through Unity. You’ll find out that you can do the same only after you collect all the artifacts and complete Armillary. According to Emissary, only those who deserve it will get into Unity, and Starborn has been collecting artifacts in different universes for many years.

Hunter will confront Emissary and say that, in his opinion, only the most unscrupulous and persistent, like him, will be able to collect all the artifacts to get to Unity. Next, you will have to choose which side you want to support. You can choose one of them to join forces and enter Unity, or you can refuse and continue on your own. You will have time to think about it, as well as optional tasks that initiate a conversation with each of them individually.

Talking to Hunter and Emissary Separately


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After the main conversation, you will receive two optional tasks in which you can talk to them separately. You will learn almost nothing new, as they will just tell you more about their ideologies to get you to take their side. Emissary will tell you more about Starborn, while Hunter will tell you that Emissary is not as right as he seems, and you need to decide for yourself what to do. Although they are Starborn and have been in hundreds of universes, none of them knows how Unity was formed, or where the artifacts and temples came from. Perhaps you can do it?

Leave The Scorpius Ship


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After long conversations, the last thing to do is to leave Scorpius. Before you leave the ship, you will be approached by an Emissary who will ask you to reveal a secret that you must know. He will give you the Moon Base Key and tell you to go to the Nova Galactic Research Station on Earth’s moon in the Sol System. Once you exit the ship, the current mission, namely In Their Footsteps in Starfield, will be completed.

Now you know how to complete In Their Footsteps in Starfield, and we hope you won’t face any difficulties during the mission.


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Starfield is available on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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