How To Complete Grunt Work in Starfield


In Starfield, you will often have an opportunity to help others, risking your own life. And the United Colonies Vanguard faction will give you a bunch of such tasks. Next, we’ll talk about how to complete the Grunt Work mission in Starfield, which is the first task from this faction, and after completing it, you can join them. The main goal will be to get to the Tau Gourmet Production Center to help Hadrian restore power and kill the Terrormorph. If you follow our instructions, this quest will not take you much time.

Starfield: How To Complete Grunt Work Quest

How To Complete Grunt Work in Starfield: Crew Chief Kane Herath

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  • To start the quest, you will need to talk to Crew Chief Kane Herath. You can find him at New Atlantis Airport via the train.
  • After talking to him, you will learn about the main goals of the mission, and he will ask you to supply certain resources to the planet you are going to. You can continue the dialog with him to learn more about the planet you are going to and the resources you need to deliver.
  • After you are done with him, get on your starship and fly to the planet Tau Ceti II, which is located in the Tau Ceti star system. You shouldn’t have any problems arriving, because you can use fast travel to avoid wasting time.
  • Once you’re there, explore the planet to find the Tau Gourmet Production Center, where you will continue the mission.

Starfield: How To Restore Security Systems

Starfield: Security System Connection Status

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Following the quest marker, you will reach the right place and find Hadrian there. After talking to her, you will learn that the settlement is under attack by a terrible monster called the Terrormorph. And for this reason, all security systems are inoperable, and the base is now in danger. You need to solve this problem, so you both will have to deal with the monster and restore the security systems. If you would like to learn more about Terrormorph and other events that have taken place here, you can continue the dialog with Hadrian.

When you’re ready, the next destination is the security system outpost. The mission marker will lead you to the right place and here you will need to interact with the terminal to set the necessary parameters. Approach it and do the following steps:

  1. Select Security System Connection Status to see the available options.
  2. From the displayed list, select Reset Security Connection.
  3. If you do everything right and the system reboots, you will receive a signal from Hadrian that everything is fine.
  4. Follow the mission marker to the next terminal to activate the Livestock Tracking System.
  5. Set the frequency to 183.5.

If you do everything right, the tracker will detect a Terrormorph attacking another alien creature. Your next goal is to kill this monster.

Starfield: How To Defeat Terrormorph

Starfield: How To Defeat Terrormorph

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Terrormorph is strong and fast, and it can attack both from long and close range. To get an advantage in the battle, we recommend using the following tips:

  • Restore Power to the Kill Lanes: This is a side task that you can complete as you progress through the mission. In addition to the main security systems, you can also interact with another terminal to activate turrets that will attack the monster in range.
  • Armor and weapon modifications: In the battle against Terrormorph, you can use modifications to help you fight against the aliens. The best choice is Exterminator, which increases the damage to aliens from weapons, as well as Beast Hunter, which partially protects you from damage dealt by this type of enemy.

During the battle, try to use ranged weapons, because the monster is not as strong at a distance, and you can easily dodge its attacks. Despite the large amount of health, with the right approach, you will not have any problems defeating it. After beating it, approach the monster and take a tissue sample from it so Hadrian can examine it.

Starfield: Completing the Grunt Work Mission

Starfield: Hadrian

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Hadrian will begin to examine the tissue sample, but as it turns out, her microscope is not powerful enough to perform the required analysis. Thus, she’ll ask you to take the tissue sample to Dr. Percival Walker so that he can complete the examination. After finishing the dialog with her, you can return to the Jemison to tell Commander Tuala about the results of the mission and thus complete the Grunt Work quest in Starfield.


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Starfield is available on Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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