How To Complete Burden of Truth in Starfield


As you go through UC SysDef‘s set of missions and quests after being arrested for the very first time in Starfield, you’ll eventually have to undertake one titled Burden of Truth. The assignment is given to you by Lieutenant Toft after you are sent to her by Commander Ikande once you’ve reached the point in the Deep Cover quest where you need to go to Cydonia. Considering that, we’ve outlined exactly how to complete Burden of Truth in Starfield to make it that much easier on you.

Starting Burden Of Truth In Starfield

How To Complete Burden Of Truth In Starfield

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As you venture through The Lock in order to gain the trust of the Crimson Fleet, you’ll need to be on the lookout for any evidence that could potentially incriminate the former. Even if you select the quest itself to follow where to go, there isn’t a single place that you need to go to. Before you lose hope, you will need to continue on with the quest Echoes of the Past, one that Commander Ikande gave you just before Lieutenant Toft gave you this quest. You’ll need to return quite a few pieces of evidence before you’re able to actually complete the quest. In fact, there are a total of twenty places you’re going to want to visit.

  1. Carter’s Gig
    • Eventually, you will come across a point in the quest where you will need to Search Carter’s Locker. If you go to the location where the tracker sent you and search everything in the locker, you will come across an audio log that can be used as evidence.
  2. Warden’s Log
    • Before leaving the Warden’s office on The Lock with Mathis, go towards the locked door near the back of the room. You’ll find another audio slate that can be used as evidence.
  3. Request A17
    • You can find this slate in Jazz’s office on The Key on her desk to her right when standing behind her.
  4. Voss’s Parts
    • This slate is located in Delgado’s office, close to where you met him for the first time. It will be neatly placed on a slate holder above the terminal itself.
  5. Hopetown Raid
    • You’ll need to head over to Hopetown and go to the Pit Stop Bar. The slate will be located on the counter of the bar itself.
  6. Naeva Meetup
    • This slate can be located on Cydonia on a table directly behind Kemp.
  7. Request Denied
    • You can find this slate in the Captain’s Quarters on the  Siren of the Stars. It’s on the nightstand to the left of the bed when you are looking at it.
  8. Dumbrosky’s Embezzlement Scheme
    • You’ll have to be intentional about this because you will have to involve yourself with Dumbrosky and work with Gabriel Vera to get this evidence.
  9. Huan’s Talk
    • When you find Huan Daiyu in The Well, you can make a detour to Kay’s House to find this bit of evidence on the counter.
  10. Eubanks & Woods
    • Once you get the chance to go into Gabriel Vogel’s Lab, you’ll find this slate in the back of the office.
  11. Mira’s Demise
    • This slate is located in one of the bunks on the first floor of The Key. The room itself has a barbell and the slate can be found on the bed.
  12. Gennady Ayton
    • This slate is located in Gennady Ayton’s office which is also the same location as the clinic on The Key.
  13. Message For Bog
    • You can get this slate while working through the Reclaiming The Past mission in an Ecliptic facility.
  14. Chunk’s Heist
    • You can find this slate in the Red Mile on Porrima 3. It’ll be located in the bar, on the counter.
  15. Chiroptera
    • You can find this slate on the counter of Lizzy’s Bar on Gagarin Landing.
  16. Kreet Officer
    • When you get to The Den in the Wolf system you can head to a table on the second floor overlooking the main floor with this data slate on it.
  17. The Big Score
    • Inside Madame Savage’s Bar, you’ll find a bedroom that has this data slate sitting on the nightstand beside the bed.
  18. Meeting With Bayu
    • This bit of evidence is hidden inside Generdyne’s Office on the Trade Tower’s Generdyne Industries floor behind the desk. You can pick the lock or persuade the receptionist for the key.
  19. Ayumi’s Offer
    • This slate is located within Euophorika’s Member’s Only Lounge on a wine table behind Ayumi Komiko.
  20. Morten Obire
    • This evidence is hard to miss as it is located on Jasper Kryx’s body when you find the Legact at the end of the Eye of the Storm mission.

Rewards For Completing Burden Of Truth

As a reward for getting each bit of evidence, you will receive the following when you finish Burden of Truth in Starfield:


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Starfield is available now for Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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