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While Starfield may have a little long beginning before the actual game with all the exploration starts, once it does, all the great quests and side quests will be laid in front of you to experience. All That Money Can Buy is one of the best and most fun main quests. This is an espionage mission given to you by Walter. So, take the best armor and weapons before starting the quest. The All That Money Can Buy quest is rather long with multiple tasks, and here is how to complete it with Starfield.

All That Money Can Buy Quest Guide in Starfield

Meeting with Walter

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When you complete the In The Lodge quest, Walter will say he has an easy job for you. The mission is to find a dealer and help Walter complete the deal without problems. So, to start the quest, first invite Walter to your spaceship, and then he will explain what he needs. After speaking with him, you must head to Neon, one of Starfield’s most dangerous and lively cities. Once you arrive in Neon City, talk with Walker, and he will ask you to head to the Stroud-Ekland HQ.

Meeting Issa Ekland in the HQ

Meeting Issa and Walter in All That Money Can Buy Quest

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When you arrive at the Stroud-Ekland headquarters, you will meet Walter and Issa speaking, and listening to their conversation will unravel a fun relationship between them. After they talk, Issa will give you information on where to find the dealer with the Artifact we are looking for. Based on the information provided by Issa, you will have two leads to pursue. The first is to head to the Astral Lounge, and the second is to look around in a particular location.

The Astral Lounge Lead in All That Money Can Buy

Speaking with Bartender in the Lounge

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The Astral Lounge is located in the Trade Tower. Once you’ve got there, pass the dancers and start a conversation with the bartender named Boone Morgan. Boone will help you set up the meeting. While speaking with him, you will have the option to purchase the VIP services for a fee.

The VIP services will impact how the events of the quest will unfold. The base fee for VIP is 4,000 Credits, but if you have good persuasion skills, you can get a discount and buy the services for 1,000 Credits. If you got the VIP services, use the elevator to access the VIP Balcony. When you reach the balcony, head left, and past the security, you will see a terminal that can be hacked since it requires Novice skill. After hacking, select the Remote Door Control to access the door. This option will come in handy when the meeting occurs.

Second Lead: Investigate The Client

James Newill

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To complete this task, you have to speak with people downtown, but to save time, head straight to the Newill’s Goods shop. James Newill has the information on how to find our dealer. The info can be bought for 2,500 Credits or free if you have good Persuasion skills. His knowledge will lead you to Ebbside’s Sleepcrate One.

Sleepcrate One will be locked when you reach it, but it will be unlocked easily since it has a Novice Digipick. The home will be empty, but you can access the computer to gain more details on the whereabouts of the dealer. Reading the emails will reveal that the dealer desperately needs money, which gives you leverage.

Now, it is time to go back to Walter. You can find Walter at the Stroud-Ekland HQ like before. When you go there, he and Issa will talk to each other,, but you must interrupt it. Once you have Walter the information you’ve gathered, it is time to meet the dealer at the Astral Lounge.

How to Find the Dealer in Astral Lounge

The Dealer at the Lounge

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There won’t be a marker indicating the dealer; the only way to find him is to use the Ramsey and Travers phrase to tell who your dealer is. Once you get to the Lounge, head back to where you spoke with the bartender, Boone, and to the right, you will see a Musgrove with hands crossed. This is the dealer, and uttering the phrase will confirm he is the dealer and afterward tell Walter you’ve found him. Then, it is time to seal the deal to get the Artifact.

Time to Seal the Deal

Negotiation for the Deal in All That Money Can Buy Quest

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It is time to be done with this deal. You, the dealer, and Walter will sit down to commence the negotiation of purchasing the artifact. You can get the artifact in three different ways. Let’s see what they are:

  •  Kill the Dealer: The first but not the best option is too straightforward: kill the dealer and loot the artifact. This is the worst option since you must fight dozens of security as you leave the area. But if you want a good fight, go for it.
  • Scare the Dealer by Locking the Door: Remember when you hacked the door after getting to the VIP Balcony? This is where the hacking you did will come in handy. You can lock the door in the meeting, which scares the Dealer. Threaten him, and he will give up the Artifact.
  • Use the Leverage: The third option is to buy the Artifact, but the dealer will ask for a double payment. Since you know he is desperate for money, use that leverage to purchase it for the original fee. Don’t worry; Walter will pay for the Artifact, not you.

Facing the Slyton Agent

The Slyton Agent

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Once the deal is done, a Slyton Agent will appear with a gun to get the Artifact from you. The original Owner of the artifact contracts him. Same as the deal, you have three options to deal with this agent:

  • Kill the Agent: The first option is to kill him right there, but that will cause havoc, which is not the most ideal option.
  • The Art of Persuasion: If you have a silver tongue, you can save your bullets and use your words to tell the agent it is best to get out of the Lounge.
  • Use Your VIP Service: Since you’ve paid for the VIP services, you can signal the security to disarm and throw the agent out of the club.

Visit the Slyton Aerospace HQ in All That Money Can Buy in Starfield

Going to Slyton Aerospace in All That Money Can Buy Quest

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Just as you want to celebrate your successful deal, Issa will contact you and Walter to say your ship has been impounded, and Slyton has also put a bounty on them. So, you have to head to the Slyton Aerospace Headquarters. Use the same elevator you used to head to the Stroud-Ekland but go a few floors higher.

You can continue this quest in two ways:

  • Blasting Through the Door: As before, you can reload your weapon and shoot anyone coming your way. This will be dangerous and take a long time, but if you want a good action time, go for it.
  • Persuade Ryleigh: Ryleigh will be at the front desk, and you can use persuasion to deceive Ryleigh to give you the Executive Level Access Code key by saying you have a meeting with Slyton.

If you choose the second option, halfway there, Slyton will catch on to your plan and stop the elevator. However, Issa will help you navigate through the floors, and if you listen to her guides, you can easily reach Slyton’s office without facing too many problems.

Confront Slyton in All That Money Can Buy in Starfield

Confronting Slyton

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Once you reach the Executive Level, you will face Slyton. You can shoot at him at first sight and engage in deadly combat between him and his goons. But that is not a good option since it will hurt Walter’s prestige. So, it is best to let Walter handle the situation where they agree to a mutual profit.

The twist here is that the player must choose the fate of Musgrove, the Artifact thief. Among all the options, letting the authorities deal with him is the best option since Walter and his other companions will also be pleased with it. Once that is done, use the elevator to go down and your spaceship to leave the city.

Leave Neon City

Speaking with Walter at the End

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Once you get on your ship, get out of the Neon, and then Walter will ask you how their adventure was. Choose what describes your experience the best. Then you will be rewarded 10,000 Credits and the rare Fiscal Quarter Rifle. Once you leave the Neon, the quest will be completed, but you will face another obstacle that I won’t say anything to avoid spoilers.

So that is how you complete the All That Money Can Buy quest in Starfield. It is genuinely a long but fun quest, and its reward is also quite good.

Starfield is now available for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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