Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis: Character Tier List


Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is the FF7 remake made exclusively for mobile devices. As mobile gamers are familiar with, mobile RPG weapons and characters are often split between tiers depending on their capabilities in combat. Want to know if Cloud or series newcomers like Glenn are worth it for your party? Let’s look at a complete tier list of each Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis playable character.

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis: Character List and Their Tier

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis: Character List and Their Tiers

Image source: Square Enix via The Nerd Stash

At the time of writing, Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis features nine different characters for your party. From classics like Cloud Strife and Tifa Lockhart to newcomers such as Glenn Lodbrock and Lucia Lin:

  • Aerith Gainsborough
  • Barrett Wallace
  • Cloud Strife
  • Glenn Lodbrock
  • Lucia Lin
  • Matt Winsord
  • Red XIII
  • Tifa Lockhart
  • Zack Fair

Now, let’s divide them into tiers based on their maximum potential and capabilities. Do note though that any party composition can tackle most content available in the game. The Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis character tier list listed below is only for min-maxing purposes.

Tier Characters
  • Aerith Gainsborough (Support)
  • Cloud Strife (DPS)
  • Matt Winsword (Support/Sub-DPS)
  • Tifa Lockhart (Sub-DPS)
  • Glenn Lodbrock (DPS/Sub-DPS)
  • Zack Fair (DPS)
  • Barrett Wallace (DPS)
  • Red XIII (Support)
  • Lucia Lin (Support)
Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis: Character List and Their Tier

Image source: Square Enix via The Nerd Stash

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis: DPS/Sub-DPS Character Tier List Explanation

  • Cloud Strife: Your best option for Main DPS. You will want to equip him with Murasame or Apocalypse. Even a fully upgraded Buster Sword, basically a free five-star weapon, can be used to blast through the game’s story. Not to mention that Cloud’s Limit Breaks are extremely strong, making him worthy to sit on S-tier in the FF7 Ever Crisis character list. Murasame Battlegarb is a good option for his Gear.
  • Tifa Lockhart: If you need a single-target DPS, then make sure to put her on your team. While she’s not as deadly as Cloud, Tifa’s Somersault fills up fast and reduces the enemy’s Physical and Magic defense. Arm her with Sonic Striker, Tiger Fangs, Motor Drive, or Powersoul to see her melt through bosses and tough targets. Give the Metalfoot Gear to her.
  • Glenn Lodbrock: One of the new characters debuted in FF7 Ever Crisis. Glenn is all about dealing raw damage and it’s pretty much all he can do. Blazing Onslaught and Stage of Defeat Limit Breaks hit like a truck. Apology In Hell, Crewkicker, and Rest in Peace suit him the best. Give Glenn Hardcore Squad if you want to buff his defense. Cake Breaker is a good Gear for him.
  • Zack Fair: The SOLDIER poster-boy is pretty tough on his own, but still eclipsed by the game’s main hero. He mostly works as a tank, soaking damage and being a decent all-rounder. Nevertheless, that means he is a “Zack-of-all-trade” and a master of none. He works best with Cutlass, Arc Sword, Falchion, or Zweihander. Use Valiant Suit as his Gear.
  • Barret Wallace: The Avalanche’s leader actually has decent AOE and Elemental attacks. However, in this Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis character tier list, he’s a B-tier since his Limit Breaks build up too slowly. Give Barrett Enemy Launcher, Heavy Hauser, or W Machine to maximize his potential. For Gear give him Scrap Armor.

FF7 Ever Crisis: Support Character Explanation

  • Aerith Gainsborough: Just like in the main FF7 title, Aerith is your best healer character in the Ever Crisis tier list. All thanks to her capabilities and the Healing Wind Limit Break. For weapons, you will want Fairy Tale and Wizard Staff. Mithril Rod can also work to buff her defenses. Rosy Battle Suit is the best Gear for her.
  • Matt Winsword: This newcomer works great as both defensive and offensive support. He can heal but is also armed with good Magic and Physical attacks. Give him Prime Number, Axis, or Slick Beetle. As an additional note, once Overboosted, both Prime Number and Fairy Tale have the same healing percentage. Go with Elite Uniform for Gear.
  • Red XIII: The best thing about Red is his Limit Breaks build up fast. Lunatic High is a pretty decent party-wide buff to be used. However, most of his stats and weapons fell short compared to his companions. Equip Nanaki with the Platinum Collar or Junk Collar. Rubber Harness is a good option for Gear.
  • Lucia Lin: Unfortunately, Lucia cannot keep up with her newcomer comrades. She works decent enough as a single-target DPS and can Silence enemies. But at the moment, her capabilities are somewhat lackluster. Give her Mad Minute or Serpent Eater for weapons. For Gear, go with Black Stealth.

That’s all for our current Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis character tier list guide. Stay tuned at The Nerd Stash for more RPG titles articles and guides.

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is available on Android and iOS mobile devices.

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