Destiny 2: Under Your Skin God Roll Guide


When it comes to Destiny 2 weapons, there is always one God Roll that puts the others to shame, which is especially true for Under Your Skin, a Void Combat Bow. Oftentimes, finding a flow that really works for your weapon can be a bit of a pain. Don’t worry, we got you. Once you’ve learned the God Roll for weapons, they really can become some of your favorite weapons and some of the most effective as well. Let’s take a look at the PvE and PvP God Roll for the Destiny 2 Under Your Skin Combat Bow.

How To Get Under Your Skin in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Under Your Skin God Rolls

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The Under Your Skin Void Combat Bow entered Destiny 2 during the Season of the Risen back in February of 2022. However, since it is no longer the Season of the Risen, there are still ways you can obtain the Combat Bow, which has changed greatly throughout the passing seasons. Now, you can obtain Under Your Skin from the various weapon vendors around the game. Typically, Xur and Banshee-44 carry it.

Under Your Skin Stats and Origin Traits

The Under Your Skin weapon comes with the Land Tank Basic Origin Trait. The Land Tank Origin Trait allows you to deal gain additional resilience and damage resistance from combatants whenever you get a final blow with Under Your Skin.

  • Basic Origin Trait – Land Tank
    • Final blows with this weapon grant increased Resilience and additional damage resistance from combatants
  • Impact – 76
  • Range – 74
  • Stability – 47
  • Handling – 55
  • Reload Speed – 40
  • Zoom – 18
  • Airborne Effectiveness – 15
  • Draw Time – 684
  • Charge Time – 60

PvE God Roll

  • Barrel – Flexible String
    • -5 Accuracy
    • +10 Charge Time
    • +10 Handling
    • -36 Draw Time
  • Arrow – Carbon Arrow Shaft
  • Basic Trait 1 – Unrelenting
  • Basic Trait 2 – Dragonfly
  • Origin Trait – Land Tank
  • Masterwork – Handling
  • Mod – Boss Spec

PvP God Roll

  • Barrel – Elastic String
    • -10 Accuracy
    • +20 Charge Time
    • +5 Handling
    • -72 Draw Time
  • Arrow – Straight Fletching
  • Basic Trait 1 – Hip-Fire Grip
  • Basic Trait 2 – Opening Shot
  • Origin Trait – Extrovert
  • Masterwork – Target Acquisition
  • Mod – Targeting Adjuster

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As you can see, the Under Your Skin weapon in Destiny 2 can be an amazing choice for any type of battle, assuming you get one of the God Rolls for it. With its high accuracy, it’s great for PvP battles. When you mix in the masterwork and mod for it, the Under Your Skin Void Combat Bow can be unmatched in battle.

Destiny 2 is now available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles.

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