Chris Claremont Lends Talents To Wolverine’s 50th Anniversary


Chris Claremont returns to his old stomping grounds to celebrate Wolverine’s 50th anniversary. The longtime Marvel writer is joining artist Edgar Salazar for a new five-issue miniseries starring Wolverine. Claremont is no stranger to the X-Men, playing an integral part in their popularity since the late seventies. In fact, he is often associated with Wolverine, helping to make him the iconic Marvel hero he is today. Who better to ring in the character’s big 50th birthday?

Chris Claremont And Wolverine

Wolverine Chris Claremont

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Chris Claremont’s new miniseries is titled Wolverine: Madripoor Knights and ties into a previous tale the writer…wrote. The five issues will continue the story that Claremont and Jim Lee began in Uncanny X-Men #268. That issue featured Wolverine’s first encounter with Captain America. The two Marvel heroes teamed up during World War II to save a young Natasha Romanoff. This time, the three Marvel characters are teaming up once more within the lawless streets of Madripoor. Together, they will hunt down a secret and very lethal weapon before it is too late.

Claremont shared about the upcoming series that it is hard to believe he has “known Logan for 50 years!” Not to mention that Natasha Romanoff was in the “first Marvel story” he ever wrote. Naturally, this is the perfect opportunity to revisit these characters to celebrate such a big milestone.

This sequel of sorts is being brought to life by artist Edgar Salazar, who recently wowed readers with his work on X-23: Deadly Regenesis. Now, the artist will tackle Wolverine, Cap, and Black Widow as they face a slew of villains, including the Hand.

Fifty Years Of Claw-Popping Action

Wolverine made his debut back in 1974 with an appearance in The Incredible Hulk #180. However, it wasn’t until 1982 that the mutant hero received his own series from Chris Claremont and Frank Miller. The character would soon become one of Marvel’s more popular heroes.

Beyond comics, Wolverine has been a favorite amongst fans since his time in the animated X-Men series from the 90’s. Plus, Hugh Jackman has spent decades making the character popular on the big screen and will do that again in next year’s Deadpool 3.

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