Best Starfield’s Romance Companions, Ranked From Dull to Dreamy


Although Starfield primarily focuses on high-octane combat and exploration, some highlights are the smaller, character-driven moments. Learning more about your companions and their stories helps immerse players in the world of Starfield. Much like previous Bethesda RPGs, players can fall in love with you if they choose the suitable options while learning about your companions. Much like other Bethesda entries, Romance options in Starfield aren’t the most impactful mechanic in the world. However, romance may be a worthwhile endeavor for any player who wants to show devotion to a character or earn extra perks. For anyone who hasn’t decided which romance option to go for, here are the best romance companions in Starfield, ranked.

4. Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan is a great romance option in Starfield.

Image Source: Bethesda

Starting to choose the last Starfield romance option on the list is tough. Each character is very well-defined and has decently complex stories, bringing their positives and negatives to the table. However, just squeezing into last place for us has to be Sarah Morgan, the leader of Constellation. Sarah is a great romance option in Starfield and has many admirable traits that make her a worthy choice. Her strong leadership skills and pride in her work are great characteristics. However, regarding wild video game romances, she fills a more basic role than the other entries. Plus, having her around as a companion, she has a few strange voice lines that sometimes rub me the wrong way.

3. Barrett

Barrett is yet another great choice for romance companions in Starfield.

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Next in our ranking of the best romance options in Starfield, we have Barrett. He is one of the first NPCs you encounter in your Starfield journeys. Although you do part ways, the two of you will soon meet again.  Unlike Sarah, Barrett has a lot more interesting facets to his personality.  Compared to Sarah, Barrett is a lot more fun and easygoing. Cracking jokes with him or going on adventures are great ways to get closer to him. Due to this, choosing Barrett as a romance option is already a bit more fun and exciting than Sarah’s. If you appreciate a good sense of humor, then Barrett is your guy, which I loved throughout my time playing Starfield. Plus, Barrett brings some great Starship Engineering skills to the table. However, players should be aware that to woo him, they should refrain from bringing up issues concerning his deceased ex-husband.

2. Andreja

Andreja is a strong choice for an in game partner.

Image Source: Bethesda

Following Barrett, we have Andreja, Starfield’s next-best romance option. Andreja brings a new layer of mysterious energy about her, making her character all the more compelling. Additionally, she doesn’t shy away from more devious circumstances. If players are going to be intimidating or stealing their way through Starfield, Andreja is arguably the strongest romance option. This is extremely important since you’ll often travel with your romance partner in Starfield. Players building pickpocketing and stealth should consider this. This is my build of choice in the game, so Andreja is one of my favorite options. Lastly, Andreja has a unique style compared to the other options. A bit of talking back and sarcasm won’t hurt your chances of romancing Andreja in Starfield.

1. Sam Coe

Sam Coe is arguably the best the game has to offer.

Image Source: Bethesda

Finally, the best romance option in Starfield is the companion, Sam Coe. Mr. Coe, to put it simply, is a space cowboy. If that isn’t enough, Sam Coe is a more rigid and moral vigilante. Additionally, he comes paired with his daughter, whom he cares for. The two almost come as a package deal, and while this detracts from him for some, for many others, this strengthens his character. Plus, with fantastic pilot skills and a great voice, Sam Coe is an excellent choice for almost every Starfield player. That is, as long as you stay on the right side of the law.

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