All Status Effects in Lies of P, Explained


One of the most anticipated games of 2023 was a souls-like game based on Pinocchio’s story called Lies of P. The game shares a lot of core gameplay mechanics of other Soulsborne games like healing and upgrading your weapons. The other mechanic borrowed from Soulsborne games is the status effects that will have direct impact on your gameplay. These statuses will affect your gameplay and if reach a certain limit will cause damage to your health. So here are the status effects in Lies of P explained and how you can cure every single one of them.

Lies of P All Status Effects

Electric Shock Effect

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Status effects are basically the different ways enemies could deal damage to you. There are seven status effects in the game and each of them will affect your health or gameplay in a certain way. The good thing is that all those effects can be cured instantly if you have the right item. So let’s jump into it.

Status Effect Effect
Shock The shock status will affect mostly your stamina. Your stamina regain will be much slower which means you can’t dodge or block attacks properly.
Electric Shock
  • The difference between Shock and Electric Shock is that in Electric Shock you get too much Electric Blitz damage that will drain your health as well as your Fable meter.
Overheat Overheating is caused by taking too much fire damage and when the meter is filled your health will be drained slowly unless you cure it or it wears off. The other side effect of Overheat is that your Guard Regain recovery will be slower as well.
Break When the Break meter fills up and gets its status effect, your Pulse Cells won’t heal you as much as they should. It is best to cure this effect as soon as possible.
Corruption Corruption is basically poison in Lies of P. When you get this status effect, your health will be drained slowly until you cure it or it wears off.
Decay Taking too much Acid damage in a short period of time will cause the Decay effect. This will affect your weapon’s durability immensely which means you won’t deal the same damage as before until you fix your weapon.
Disruption By far the worst status in the game is Disruption. That is because if its meter fills up, you will die instantly. So either stay away from its source before the meter is filled or cure it.

How to Cure Status Effects in Lies of P

Resistance Ampoule

Image Source: Neowiz Games via The Nerd Stash

In the game, there are different types of Purification Ampoules that you can use to cure your status effects. Some of them cures your status effects while other increases your resistance towards them.

  • Attribute Purification Ampoule: Cures Overheat, Electric Shock, Decay, and Corruption
  • Special Purification Ampoule: Cures Shock, Break, and Disruption
  • Attribute Resistance Ampoule: Increases resistance towards Overheat, Electric Shock, Decay, and Corruption
  • Special Resistance Amopule: Increases resistance towards Shock, Break, and Disruption

That is everything you should know about all status effects in Lies of P and how to cure them all. Make sure to check our website for more Lies of P content.


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Lies of P is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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