All Starfield Boost Pack Types & Which Is Best


Boost packs are an integral part of exploration in Starfield. They allow you to rapidly explore planet surfaces and often provide essential aid in combat. That being said, there are 4 types of boost packs and the game doesn’t explain any of them. Instead, it is up to the player to determine which pack will best suit their needs on their adventure. For your convenience, here are all Starfield boost packs & which is best.

All Types of Boost Packs in Starfield

starfield legendary Boost Pack

Image Source: Bethesda via The Nerd Stash

As previously mentioned, there are four unique categories that each of Starfield’s boost packs will fall into. We have done the heavy lifting to identify each pack’s strengths and weaknesses; our findings can be seen below.

  • Basic Boost Pack: This is the default boost pack and by far the most common. It generates a small amount of lift in exchange for a minimal amount of boost consumption. Nevertheless, these tools can be vital to save the player from long falls and pack an extra punch in your jumps.
  • Skip Capacity Boost Pack: Starfield’s most elusive boost pack is a bit rarer than the others but offers some phenomenal benefits. It doesn’t provide the ability to skip around as the name implies but instead offers 50% faster boost regeneration at no added cost. This makes it extremely useful in maintaining oxygen supply since you can spend more time in the air.
  • Balanced Boost Pack: The most popular boost pack in Starfieldthe basic boost pack, is essentially a supped-up version of its basic counterpart. It provides significantly more lift at the cost of slightly more oxygen usage. This pack is the all-around winner for utility.
  • Power Boost Pack: As fun as these packs are to mess around with on low-gravity planets, they aren’t the most practical. Power boost packs provide the highest lift of them all but expend every last bit of fuel in your meter.

Overall, the balanced boost pack is the best in Starfield. Still, it is important to remember that regardless of pack type, all boost packs will have unique traits and stats. Sometimes, for example, it may just be worth taking a weaker boost pack for that 25% O2 buff!

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