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Outposts in Starfield serve as your permanent base on a planet’s surface, offering a multitude of functions. In the vast expanse of Starfield, Outpost Modules hold the key to unlocking your Outpost’s full potential. These essential facilities, constructed on your chosen planet, enable the creation of advanced equipment, resource extraction, power generation, storage solutions, and defense mechanisms. Each of the Outpost Modules groups has different options that add value to your base. However, you will need various resources and materials to construct these modules. Below, we break down all Outpost Modules and what they do in Starfield.

What Are Starfield Outpost Modules?

Outpost Modules Starfield

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Starfield offers six distinct groups of modules that, when strategically used, enhance the functionality and efficiency of your Outpost, from resource generation to crafting and defense.

Extractors Modules

Extractors are vital modules in your Starfield Outpost, responsible for resource generation. These modules require a source of power to operate effectively, making power sources a crucial part of your outpost setup. There is no strict build limit for Extractors, but they should adhere to the Outpost Beacon’s overall build limit.

Outpost Modules in this group:

  • Water Vapor Extractor: Extracts water vapor resources.
  • Chlorine Extractor: Collects chlorine resources.
  • Chlorosilanes Extractor: Gathers chlorosilanes resources.

Power Modules

Power modules are the lifeblood of your Outpost, providing the energy needed to keep various modules operational. They come in different types, each offering varying power output and requiring specific fuel sources. Ensuring a stable power supply is essential, especially for modules like Extractors and Defense systems.

Outpost Modules in this group:

  • Solar Array: Harnesses solar energy for power.
  • Wind Turbine: Generates power from wind energy.
  • Fueled Generator: Provides power using fuel sources.

Storage Modules

Storage modules serve as repositories for a wide range of materials and resources, from organic to inorganic and manufactured goods. It’s crucial to choose the right storage container for specific types of goods to keep your Outpost organized and efficient. The Transfer Container allows easy access to your Outpost’s cargo while aboard your ship, simplifying cargo management.

Outpost Modules in this group:

  • Transfer Container
  • Storage (Solid)
  • Storage (Liquid)
  • Storage (Gas)
  • Warehouse – Small

Builder Modules

Builders play a pivotal role in crafting essential goods within your Outpost. A Simple Fabricator, for instance, can produce valuable refined items like Adaptive Frames. These modules require a steady supply of resources, including materials like Iron and Aluminum, as well as a power source.

Outpost Modules in this group:

Crafting Modules

Crafting modules are central to your gameplay, allowing you to craft and upgrade equipment, weapons, and more. The Industrial Workbench, Cooking Station, Pharmaceutical Lab, Weapon Workbench, Spacesuit Workbench, and Research Lab provide diverse crafting options. Gathering the necessary materials, from raw minerals to organic substances, is essential for crafting success.

Outpost Modules in this group:

  • Industrial Workbench
  • Cooking Station
  • Pharmaceutical Lab
  • Weapon Workbench
  • Spacesuit Workbench
  • Research Lab

Defense Modules

Defense modules are crucial for protecting your base and require power to operate. They come in different types, each with unique capabilities and resource requirements. Managing your power supply is essential to keep these modules operational and ensure the safety of your base.

Outpost Modules in this group:

  • Ballistic Turret Mk 1
  • Tick Turret Mk 1
  • Laser Turret Mk 1

As you can see, there are plenty of outpost modules to play with and build a strong fort or a mining rig in the Starfield’s expanse.


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Starfield is available on PC and Xbox Series X/S

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